Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Origin stories matter.  We care that Batman is avenging his parents’ death and that Spider-man was bitten by a radioactive spider.   It makes a difference whether sin entered the world through the actions of a bad god or through the free choice of a human.  We’d rather patronize a company started by an out-of-work dad in his garage than one cynically spun off by an international mega-conglomerate.

This blog has an origin story too.  It was born from laughter and a dare.

Late at night on my youngest son’s first birthday, I couldn’t sleep.   My husband was trying to remember the name of those beds that fold down from the wall.  All I could come up with were synonyms for sofa: Davenport.  Chesterfield. Divan. Fainting Couch.  Chaise Lounge.   I knew they weren’t the name, but they kept spilling out of my mouth.

My husband was amazed.  Who knew there were so many synonyms for sofa?  I explained that the Eskimo may have 1,000 words for snow, but the suburbanite has at least as many for that thing in your living room where everyone sits.

In the cold light of dawn, it seems silly.  But at night, hilarity ensued.  After about fifteen minutes of gut-busting hysterical laughter, my husband challenged me to start a blog called ‘synonyms for sofa.’  He was thinking sofa reviews.  I was thinking sofas in history, art, and literature.  We giggled at the thought of adding advertisements.  I could be like one of those ‘unemployed moms from yourtown, USA’ who makes 50,000 dollars an hour magically online! 

So, this blog is both a joke, and an experiment.  Can I manage to say interesting things about Sofas every day for a year?  Can I make money doing it?  I’m guessing the answer will be a big, loud, ‘No!’   But it will be fun to try.  Besides, if I do make any money at this, maybe I can use it to buy a better couch!


julie said...

murphy beds, if you hadn't already come up with it.

Jen Raiche said...

Good luck!