Monday, December 13, 2010

A Weighty Topic

When I was younger, I believed that couches should be as light as possible. If you’re changing apartments every year, the couch is going to have to go up and down many flights of stairs. I had many, many boxes of books. I had more luck getting friends to help me move them if they hadn’t already thrown out their back while helping me carry the furniture.

At one point, I went so far as to get an inflatable couch. It was short-lived – it ended up with a slow leak, so that if you fell asleep on a firm cushion of air, you’d wake lying flat on a plastic-covered patch of floor

When my first son was born, my in-laws bought us a Klik-Klak.
ACME Klik Klak Adjustable SofaIt was light and functional. It looked like a bench from a mini-van, but it was a good height, could double as a bed, and, in the beginning, it was comfortable. I could carry it by myself. Rearranging the living room was a snap.

The Klik-Klak was short-lived. The light-weight construction meant that it couldn’t stand up to the abuses and bounces of three small children. This summer, we put it on the curb and replaced it with a nice, heavy, school-nurse-style couch that we bought at a rummage sale for $25.00. As a bonus, it’s pleather, so we can disinfect it and wipe it clean when the kids spill. It’s not pretty, but it works. And it should hold up pretty well.

My friends have had extraordinary luck with the Couches from This End Up. (Link) 25 years, 6 kids and their friends, 2 grandkids, and they still look like actual pieces of furniture.

I’ve become a convert to the cult of the heavy couch. The lightweight stuff is clearly for the childless.
Recently, however, I discovered there’s another reason to favor heavy construction: Self Defense!

If this woman had had a Klik-Klak, her attacker could have blithely tossed it aside and killed her. Instead, she stunned him and put him to flight. Weighty couches save lives, people. You and your family deserve something you can’t move without a hernia.

Besides, if a couch is heavy, you have an excuse not to rearrange the furniture!

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